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of Horizontal Workspace


Inspired by the need for more open and dynamic places to work, The Terminal is on its way to becoming a destination for creators tired of stratified urban landscapes. Once complete, the complex will feature a collection of innovative workspaces, each featuring high ceilings, wide windows, and seamlessly integrated outdoor areas, in order to offer Chicagoans an accessible, mixed-use ecosystem grounded in their past yet ready for their future.

Site Plan

Terminal A | East Concourse

  • 175,000 ft², multi-story building
  • Available spaces 5,000-175,000 ft²
  • Exposed beams with concrete & wood floors
  • Open loft space
  • +10’ ceiling heights
  • Unique 32’ second-floor bay space overlooking the campus
  • First floor bay space ideal for active flex use

Terminal B | South Concourse

  • 32,000 ft²
  • Impressive 32’ bay clearance
  • Option for 2nd floor mezzanine space
  • Single- or mixed-use identity

Terminal C | West Concourse

  • 25,000 ft²
  • Impressive 32’ bay clearance
  • Loft office space
  • Single- or mixed-use identity


Modern workplaces aren’t just offices, they’re experiences. Today’s amenities take buildings and use them to curate meaningful lifestyles for the people they serve. At The Terminal, we know this firsthand, and each of our state-of-the-art features, indoor and out, is an attempt at setting the newest standard for Chicago’s most innovative communities.


Built by the venerable Pyle National Company, known for keeping America’s railroads lit for decades, The Terminal’s new home is nothing if not a reminder of Chicago’s innovative heritage. Motivating us today is the opportunity to keep that legacy alive.