Connection to S&T Infrastructure

Nearby transit arteries, without downtown congestion, grant tenants easy access to Chicago’s science and technology infrastructure. That includes 5 R1 Universities & National Laboratories, 11 Quantum Exchange Members, 11 Life Science and Medical Research Institutions, 30 R&D Laboratories, and 60+ Incubators & Accelerators.

Proximity to Local Development

Humboldt Park is home to an array of city and community-level organizations, including Chicago Joint Public Safety Training Center, the Boys & Girls Club of Chicago, the North Austin Center, a new 26-Acre Amazon Delivery Facility, and 150+ New Construction Residential Units.

Access To a Greener Future

Adaptive strategies and horizontal thinking make green living the norm at The Terminal. That includes environmentally conscious construction, energy saving utilities, abundant green spaces, and a variety of green practices including lockable interior and exterior bike storage, as well as high speed electric vehicle chargers.


At The Terminal, it’s our mission to connect S&T innovators with lab space as ground-breaking as they are. But that doesn’t stop with our tenants. Instead, by facilitating collaboration, generating opportunity, and providing a host of new public spaces throughout the community, we intend to make Humboldt Park and its residents a priority for years to come.

To ensure The Terminal remains aligned with the needs of Humboldt Park residents at every step, The Terminal Team has created a direct line for community input through the Alderman’s Office. And set in one of Chicago’s select opportunity zones, as part of the City’s pioneering INVEST South/West initiative, The Terminal will continue coordinating with city, state, private, and philanthropic leaders to maintain clear objectives throughout the process.

  • Community Engagement through the 37th Ward Alderman’s Office
  • Partnership with the INVEST South/West Corridor Manager
  • Participation in Monthly Neighborhood Roundtables
  • Coordination with the City Planning Commissioner and Department of Planning and Development staff

The dynamic commercial and retail space opened by The Terminal will generate new opportunities for local businesses, increase the value of locally held assets, and add an array of local jobs to Humboldt Park in the process. By marshalling strategic impact investments throughout, the health of the community will be prioritized at each step in order to create lasting economic opportunity. City-backed initiatives will live side-by-side with community-sourced projects to enhance the economic and cultural life of everyone The Terminal connects.

  • 500-700 Permanent Office/Entrepreneurial Jobs
  • 125 Temporary Construction Jobs
  • Regional Business Center
  • Artists-in-Residence Program
  • New Retail Space
  • Local Business Spaces
  • Local Workforce Training and Career Pipeline Opportunities
  • Neighborhood Opportunity Fund
  • Chicago Community Trust Pre-Development Fund

As a 245,000ft² multi-tenant urban campus featuring purpose-adapted coworking spaces, a community room, and a performance venue seamlessly integrated with 2.5 acres of year-round outdoor park space, The Terminal will create a shared environment for like-minded entrepreneurs and community members in Humboldt Park. And with a focus on sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint through rehabilitation rather than ground up development, the campus’ gardens, walkways, and park spaces will extend the reach of this important landmark with streetscapes primed for reimagined pedestrian activity.

  • 245,000ft² Horizontal Multi-Tenant Urban Campus
  • Performance Venue
  • Outdoor Park Space
  • Historic Preservation
  • Pedestrian Hub
  • Community Room
  • Improved Thermal Performance
  • Efficient Building Systems
  • Alignment with the City’s Violence Reduction Plan

By The

20-Year Tax Impact


Employment Impact

Construction 2 Year
362Indirect Jobs
316Other Jobs
678Total Jobs
Operation Stabilized
536Indirect Jobs
433Other Jobs
969Total Jobs

Economic Impact

Construction 2 Year
Operation Stabilized