The Project

The Terminal will be rolled out in two phases. Phase 1 is already underway and includes the retrofitting of the main building known as Terminal A. Phase 2 is in its early stages, includes Terminals B and C, and will begin when plans have been finalized.

Site Plan

Terminal A | East Concourse

With its shared lobby and monumental stair, characterized by a blend of industrial features at once fundamental and irreplaceable, Terminal A is the core and central hub of the entire campus. Its countless amenities unify the project’s core values, its large windows and column bays provide a strong architectural base, and its modern details bring the space to life — indoors and out.
  • 175,000 ft², multi-story building
  • Available spaces 5,000-175,000 ft²
  • Exposed beams with concrete & wood floors
  • Open loft space
  • +10’ ceiling heights
  • Unique 32’ second-floor bay space overlooking the campus
  • First floor bay space ideal for active flex use

These plans are to show how the floor plans could be divided or combined. Let us know the square footage you are interested in and we will send possible options.

*Artist’s Rendition – all dimensions are approximate

Terminal B | South Concourse

  • 32,000 ft²
  • Impressive 32’ bay clearance
  • Option for 2nd floor mezzanine space
  • Single- or mixed-use identity

Terminal c | West Concourse

  • 25,000 ft²
  • Impressive 32’ bay clearance 
  • Loft office space 
  • Single- or mixed-use identity

Health & Safety

No matter Phase 1, 2, or otherwise, the health and wellness of our community is of course our primary concern, and to create a place where minds can meet and ideas combine, The Terminal will avoid small elevators and other tight spaces. In other words, firmly horizontal, the campus will be defined by wide stairways meant for comfortable movement and natural communication. Each building will contribute to a network of decks and courtyards for easy transitions between spacious interiors and the great outdoors, and the result will be an environment that encourages active living, healthy relationships, and the space to breathe.