The Community

First built by the celebrated Pyle National Company, whose creations lit America’s railroads for decades, The Terminal’s campus has been a part of Humboldt Park for over a hundred years, doing exactly what The Terminal aims to do too: connecting people. Today, however, those people have changed. No longer just for the few, The Terminal’s community will include the innovators and makers it looks to house, as well as those in the surrounding area, to create a place where businesses, organizations, and residents can come together and thrive.

The Innovators

Rather than being constrained physically and financially by their space, as urban innovators often are, the contiguous corridors and flex-spaces at The Terminal are primed for the fast-paced tech industry. With large, open-air spaces as fluid as its tenants and their work, The Terminal will offer an ideal environment for contemporary digital technicians and developers, as well as other tech-focused firms looking for the freedom to scale.
  • Life Scientists
  • Corporate Officers
  • Sales Callers
  • Incubators / Accelerators
  • Co-Workers
  • Health Care / Medical Professionals
  • Community Leaders
  • Creatives / Graphic Designers
  • Educators

The Innovators | Life Scientists

The life sciences are as important as ever today, and it can be hard for practitioners to find affordable environments fit for their use. Prime for built-to-suit lab spaces of any kind, The Terminal’s adaptive lofts are ready to give Chicago’s Life Scientists an exciting new place to enjoy:

  • Modular office and R&D areas
  • Fume hoods and high-plume lab exhausts
  • Thermal and acoustic protection
  • Easy mechanical install and accommodations
  • Dedicated chemical distribution and storage
  • Multiple large entrances and exits
  • Overhead service carriers
  • Green energy ready roof space and backup power
  • Sanitary and secure premises
  • Up to 12 air-changes per hour
  • Easy access to public transit and major thoroughfares
  • Outdoor refuge

The Makers

Given its industrial origin, The Terminal’s volume and durability make it a perfect fit for modern craftspeople. It always has. Its historic, lofted facilities can accommodate large hardware without question, and the mixed-use ecosystem to come will provide a community diverse in its products, yet aligned in its interests, to make the exchange of ideas, interests, and practice a mainstay. For hands-on makers looking for dependability and quality with room to grow and thrive, there’s nowhere else to look but The Terminal.

  • Brewers / Distillers / Roasters
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Agriculturalists
  • Urban Farmers
  • Cannabis / Hemp Technicians
  • (3D) Printers
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Woodworkers
  • Caterers / Event Planners
  • Musicians / Recording Artists
  • Fine Artists
  • Curators

The Makers | Brewers

Few cities boast more breweries than Chicago, and the demand behind their prominence is only growing. But since demand brings competition, space for the next best brewery is increasingly limited. Fortunately, The Terminal’s open floor plans and massive structural bays are perfect for Brewers in search of:

  • Energy efficient production
  • Seamless equipment installation and adjustment
  • Room to grow
  • Active local labor pools
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Natural light
  • Solid flooring and foundations
  • Reliable utilities
  • Flexible tasting rooms
  • Impressive aesthetics
  • Accessible transit and community

Humboldt Park

Rich in history and fundamentally Chicago, Humboldt Park has always been a place of pride in the city. The Terminal is a cornerstone of several ongoing initiatives around the area, helping bring investment tools to the neighborhood’s commercial corridors as part of the City’s INVEST South/West scheme and prioritizing local business through the state-backed Opportunity Zone program. With the support of these public initiatives, The Terminal will become a complement to the thriving Humboldt Park community and a place of collaboration for local residents and businesses alike.