Inspired by the need for more open and dynamic places to work, The Terminal is on its way to becoming a destination for creators tired of stratified urban landscapes. Once complete, the complex will feature a collection of innovative workspaces, each featuring high ceilings, wide windows, and seamlessly integrated outdoor areas, in order to offer Chicagoans an accessible, mixed-use ecosystem grounded in their past yet ready for their future.

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The Terminal is committed to practicing what we preach for those we serve, so everything we do is the product of thoughtful collaboration. Below is a list of the groups currently working to introduce the site’s next phase to Chicago’s creators

Lead developers at The Terminal, IBT Group is dedicated to meeting the needs of the Humboldt Park community by supporting the visions of their partners, investors, and tenants alike.

Gary Pachucki

Passionate about creating authentic value and positive impact, the Mansueto Office sees their investment in The Terminal as an investment in the prioritization of the greater Humboldt Park community.

Ari Glass


The Wrigley Building
400 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 350
Chicago, IL 60611

Experts in contextual, inclusive, and timeless design, Ratio is the team charged with reimagining The Terminal’s interior design.

Andrea Caputo

Chicago Interiors Leader

30 W. Monroe, Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60603

The nation’s leading specialists, MacRostie Historic Advisors oversees the preservation of the Pyle-National building with strategies that are at once practical, focused, and proven.

John D. Cramer

Senior Associate, MHA Midwest

53 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 1142 Chicago, IL 60604

Optimizing the construction process with their unique design-build methodology, ARCO/Murray is bringing The Terminal to life while delivering the very best experience.

Ross Allen

Paul Schulenburg

The Terminal’s leasing team, Cawley Chicago is a group of commercial real estate professionals committed to providing unsurpassed experiences with the highest level of personal service.

Doug Hayes

Zach Pruitt


312.766.4283 770 North Halsted Street Chicago, IL 60642


At The Terminal, it’s our mission to connect creators with an innovative workplace. But that doesn’t stop with our tenants. Instead, by facilitating collaboration, generating opportunity, and providing a host of new public spaces throughout the community, we intend to make Humboldt Park and its residents a priority for years to come.


To ensure The Terminal remains aligned with the needs of Humboldt Park residents at every step, The Terminal Team has created a direct line for community input through the Alderman’s Office. And set in one of Chicago’s select opportunity zones, as part of the City’s pioneering INVEST South/West initiative, The Terminal will continue coordinating with city, state, private, and philanthropic leaders to maintain clear objectives throughout the process.
  • Community Engagement through the 37th Ward Alderman’s Office
  • Partnership with the INVEST South/West Corridor Manager
  • Participation in Monthly Neighborhood Roundtables
  • Coordination with the City Planning Commissioner and Department of Planning and Development staff


The dynamic commercial and retail space opened by The Terminal will generate new opportunities for local businesses, increase the value of locally held assets, and add an array of local jobs to Humboldt Park in the process. By marshalling strategic impact investments throughout, the health of the community will be prioritized at each step in order to create lasting economic opportunity. City-backed initiatives will live side-by-side with community-sourced projects to enhance the economic and cultural life of everyone The Terminal connects.

  • 500-700 Permanent Office/Entrepreneurial Jobs
  • 125 Temporary Construction Jobs
  • Regional Business Center
  • Artists-in-Residence Program
  • New Retail Space
  • Local Business Spaces
  • Local Workforce Training and Career Pipeline Opportunities
  • Neighborhood Opportunity Fund
  • Chicago Community Trust Pre-Development Fund

Public Space

As a 245,000ft² multi-tenant urban campus featuring purpose-adapted coworking spaces, a community room, and a performance venue seamlessly integrated with 2.5 acres of year-round outdoor park space, The Terminal will create a shared environment for like-minded entrepreneurs and community members in Humboldt Park. And with a focus on sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint through rehabilitation rather than ground up development, the campus’ gardens, walkways, and park spaces will extend the reach of this important landmark with streetscapes primed for reimagined pedestrian activity.

  • 245,000ft² Horizontal Multi-Tenant Urban Campus
  • Performance Venue
  • Outdoor Park Space
  • Historic Preservation
  • Pedestrian Hub
  • Community Room
  • Improved Thermal Performance
  • Efficient Building Systems
  • Alignment with the City’s Violence Reduction Plan

20-Year Tax Impact


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Employment Impact

Construction (2 Yr)

Indirect Jobs
Other Jobs
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Operation (stabilized)

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Other Jobs
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Economic Impact

Construction (2 Yr)

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Operation (stabilized)

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Building History

Built by the venerable Pyle National Company, known for keeping America’s railroads lit for decades, The Terminal’s new home is nothing if not a reminder of Chicago’s innovative heritage. Motivating us today is the opportunity to keep that legacy alive. Check out the timeline below to see more about what that means.

The 1800s


Royal C. Vilas founds The Pyle-National Electric Headlight Company

March 5th:

The first electric headlight equipment produced by the company are shipped to Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad

The 1910s


Pyle introduces the first successful electric headlight utilizing the incandescent lamp


A bill is presented to Congress requiring that headlights be installed on all locomotives


The company moves to 1334 N. Kostner Avenue, Chicago, and shortens its name to “The Pyle-National Company”

The 1920s
- 1990s


Pyle-National provides the lighting for Soldier Field Stadium


Pyle-National provides the lighting for Wrigley Field and Wrigley Tower in anticipation of the World’s Fair returning to Chicago


Pyle-National sells off its original product lines of locomotive lighting equipment and moves its manufacturing to South Carolina


Pyle-National evacuates the building and the plant is converted into storage, office space, and automotive repair shops

2020 & Beyond

August 2020:

ARCO Murray Construction begins at 1334 N Kostner Ave

September 2020:

New Lobby area is cleaned out

October 2020:

Scaffolding is erected in preparation for parapet demo and rebuild at west high parapet

November 9th, 2020:

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Mayor Lori Lightfoot + Roof Work begins

December 2020:

Roofing continues to progress

January 2021:

Interior demolition continues

February 2021:

Great Room and Second Floor demolition is completed